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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Scrambled tofu

This is a vegan breakfast staple – a vegan version of scrambled eggs. I’ve tried it once at Blue Monday vegan cafe in Verdun - it was pretty good. I also saw different recipes of it on-line. The first time I cooked scrambled tofu was in Toronto, when visiting my firends who enjoyed their omelet with vegetables for breakfast. Combining the best of all previously seen recipes, I fried some vegetables and added half-a-block of firm tofu. The result was amazing (I used soy sauce instead of salt, so tofu was moist and full of flavor).

Back in Montreal, I decided to prepare this one sunny Sunday morning for Eric and me. However, I’ve realized that I was out of firm tofu….. “Oh well” – I thought – “we’ll have to deal with what we’ve got” and I’ve “scrambled” a pack of soft tofu into my frying vegetables. The result was truly amazing. The texture of the dish was very light and tender (similar to scrambled egg-whites, although I’ve never had scrambled whites without yolks ;). And since MORI-NU has the tetra-pack version of soft tofu this dish became a classic in our “outdoor cuisine”.

Just like other camping recepies – this is not the only and final version of the dish. Modify it to suit your taste … add more ingredients … experiment!!!!!

A block of tofu
Vegetables you like. I usually put:

Green onions

Depending on the taste you want to have:
Basil, oregano, parsley – for something more “Italian”
Cumin and cilantro – for something “Eastern”
Za’atar – for something even more “Eastern”
Soy sauce and sesame oil for a Japanese fusion
Curry – never tried it, but why not?
Chili powder – “Mexican” anyone? (I haven’t tried it either)

Fry garlic and onions with the spices. Add the vegetables. Cook till desired softness. Add “scrambled” tofu and heat up.


Eric said...

Hey! I was going to bed but, reading that woke me up right away. Now I'm hungry... I wonder if I have some of that soft tofu in the fridge, hum?


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