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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The first place I visited in Redmond, WA was .......... those of you who said Microsoft can stop reading my blog and cross me out from your friends list (unless you are Jaihoon) ;)

no, the first place I visited was the REI store!!!! I saw it when we were driving home and I was ecstatic, yelling to Jaihoon: "oh, my G-d, you have REI store, oh my G-d!!!!" And so the next day, the very very patient Goli and me went to explore all the wonders of the place.

We spend about 2 hours inside, me blah-blahing about all the stuff they have, scaring the sale-person who assumed we would by "one of everything", trying stuff on, debating whether to by half-the-store and ask them to ship it to Montreal..... well, you got the picture, right? And for those of you who is still curious about what I ended up getting ..... drum roll.......

Here are finally, long-waited-for, wonderful, colorful, light, and magnificent
Light my fire sporks!!!!!!!!!

Aren't they pretty??? ;)


madeinalaska said...

ahhhh those are quite adorable... what color did you get?

Eric said...


I believe she got a few packs of all different colors!

Hey!, east coast deserter... Ain't it about time to come home?!..:) I'm wearing the polaroid I took of you at Christmas out!! geezz!.. lol!

Nice to see a new post though. I know people who will be happy.. ;)


CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

I got 3 packs of 4 different colors, but as it turns out there are more pretty colors that are not yet available at REI :(

Eric said...

Tu sais quoi? I was thinking... you should say why you're so excited about finding the sporks. Just so everyone knows... :)